Welcome to VRPerformance

Founded in 2004, VRPerformance LLC was formed by the collaborative efforts of two graduate automotive engineers with the intention to provide the automotive enthusiast performance driven products, services and experiences.

VRPerformance differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on an engineered approach to best in class sales and service through our retail location in Michigan. We build relationships with our customers based on mutual respect. Our approach is to supply a well thought out program of performance equipment and services tailored to our clients needs.


VRPerformance sells and installs high quality, good value performance parts for both street and race applications including engine, driveline, exhaust, suspension, wheels, tires, interior and exterior products. Our product line is designed to improve the performance of your vehicle through increased capability and durability. Through our own experience and research we have selected the finest aftermarket equipment for your car.


Our shop is clean and organized, equipped with all the necessary modern tools and staffed by technicians that are enthusiasts like you. To put it simply: our focus is to make your street, track or race car better.

One of the biggest differences between VRPerformance and many of the other outlets is the fact that we are a real world performance tuning shop. We install what we sell and we talk to customers face to face so we know what works. Browse our website at vrperformance.com and check out our products and services. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to help direct you through the many performance options meeting your needs for the street or track.

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